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Now, do you remember how in one of the previous blog posts I said that sales funnels are pretty easy to build if you use the right software, and how you can collect your customers’ credit card information once so that it only takes a single click for your customers to take advantage of another offer inside your funnel, which increases average order value considerably?

Well, this is a post where I’m about to introduce you to an all-in-one funnel building & automation software, a tool that does everything for you.

But before I do that, let me tell you how things were a few years ago.

Back then, if you wanted to build a successful online business, you needed to hire developers and web designers to build & connect every single landing page into a fully-functional sales funnel.

Besides setting-up costs that went through the roof, sometimes reaching even tens of thousands of dollars, there were additional monthly costs associated with regular monthly maintenance and web hosting.

Then, if you wanted to send automated emails in a follow-up sequence (without which your funnel often times cannot be profitable), you had no choice but to pay for an email autoresponder, whose price depends on subscribers list size and number of emails you send.

So, another monthly based cost that makes you start from a not-that-small deficit every single month.

To make things even worse, you depended on many other software for video hosting, appointment scheduling, webinar hosting and such to have a converting sales funnel ready to bring you leads, appointments, and sales.

Aside from a huge monthly expense you could not get around, the headache of talking and resolving issues with separate support teams because tools were not communicating well with each other, was unbearable.

Truth to be told, it doesn’t need to be that way anymore.

You don’t have to overcome all those obstacles that we and other marketers have faced in the past.

You’re allowed to use an all-in-one tool that builds your sales funnels, automates the entire buying experience you put your customers through, and makes running your online business much easier.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am proud to present to you the software that does all of that for you.

It is called …


Kartra is an all-in-one platform that offers everything from page building and memberships, all the way to advanced sales funnels automation, capturing leads and sending emails.

You can be sure that no matter what you do, you’ll have everything you need to bring your product or service to market with Kartra.

In this blog post, I’m gonna explain a little more in detail some of the key features why Kartra indeed is an irreplaceable tool if you want to make your business much more profitable and easier at once.

I also encourage you to stay until the very end of this lesson, where I’ll give you entire Done-For-You funnels along with corresponding email follow-up sequence you can import in a matter of seconds and use straight away.

It’s a pretty good head start, isn’t it?

Now, let’s begin with their Page Builder.

Kartra gives you a WYSIWYG (i.e. what you see is what you get) front-end editor.

You can customize every on-page element as you wish, and you even don’t need to have a prior coding experience – all you have to do is drag-and-drop block templates and the stunning, high-converting page is built in minutes.

From day 1 there were tons of pre-built page templates available to import with a single click.

You can be sure that whatever industry you’re in, you will find a stunning ready-to-use template fitting every need.

Or, if you prefer starting from scratch, there’s an option to choose a blank canvas that offers full flexibility at your disposal.

And even though every Kartra page is 100% mobile responsive, which means that it looks amazing on desktop, tablet, or mobile devices, you have an option to customize your page contents for each device individually, which is something Kartra’s competitors don’t offer.

Also, you can choose from a wide selection of pop-ups that fit every occasion, build custom lead capture forms, and much more.

At the end of the day, Kartra really gave its best to build intuitive, possibilities-endless page builder for beginners and experienced programmers as well.

Besides Page Builder feature where you build individual landing pages, with Kartra you can create advanced sales funnels that run on autopilot for you 24/7, 365 days a year.

The thing is, every page built in Kartra Page Builder can be interconnected in the exact multi-page funnel flow you need.

Whether you need a simple opt-in funnel or a full-blown product launch funnel, Kartra will follow your pace with an outstanding sequence builder feature.

Another very useful Kartra feature is Lead Tagging, which is basically marking your prospects as they advance through your funnel and segmenting them into laser-targeted subgroups.

This allows you to customize the experience and send your users down a different path depending on whether they have the tag “paid customer” or “free prospect” for example.

I want to briefly mention here another Kartra’s feature called behavioral adaptive marketing or BAM, which increases page conversions considerably because Kartra knows who your visitors are.

Let’s say you sell workout programs.

You would probably increase your conversions if you were able to target your visitors with content specific to their gender, right?

So, what you can do is design two sections on your page: one for men and another one for women, and have Kartra Pages display them accordingly based on their profile.

Sounds pretty incredible, doesn’t it?

Also, Kartra built a powerful IF/THEN automation system that is especially useful in email marketing.

Based on whether or not people open your emails, whether they click on a link, whether they are subscribed to a certain list, whether they carry a certain tag, whether they have purchased a certain product or something else, Kartra can follow up with your customers for you.

And it’s completely automated – you just set the rules and the system will execute them instantly as they happen.

And to make things even better, Kartra allows you to simply drag & drop content elements to customize your emails in seconds or to select from a wide selection of expertly designed templates at your preference – something similar to what you can do in page builder.

Every email you send out is tracked in real-time so you can know with certainty which emails are being read the most, which ones are generating you sales, and which ones have not been received well by your customers.

Kartra will even tell you which day of the week and time of the day score a better response from your leads, so you can simply schedule your emails accordingly and maximize your conversions.

Their advanced analytics tracking will not only give you data regarding email marketing, such as dollar per send out or dollar per recipient in your email list to help you track the effectiveness of your mailing campaigns.

They will actually give all the data you need to optimize every step of your funnel.

You will be able to know what percentage of your customers make it all the way to the end of your funnel, what the most common exit points are, what your average order value is, cost per conversion, customer lifetime value, how long on average your clients remain active for, and lots of other data that gives you a full overview of your online business.

Now, why stop at selling just one product in a funnel when you can have multiple upsells, downsells and cross-sells that can add significantly to your average order value and make your funnel much more efficient.

With Kartra’s one-click upsell feature, people would not have to re-enter their credit card details every time they want to take advantage of another offer.

They will simply click the button that says something like “Yes, I want this offer as well!”, and their credit card will automatically be charged in the background, which makes the buying experience easier and more enjoyable.

You also have an option to add an order bump, which basically is a last-minute “add-on” offer your customers can add to the cart right before completing their order.

The idea is to offer them a complimentary and inexpensive product or service to increase the customer’s average transaction value.

Order bumps are very easy for customers to benefit from – they just need to tick a checkbox and the bump offer will be automatically added to their cart. Simple as that.

But what really makes Kartra stand out from their competitors is their checkout experience and payment options it provides to its users.

You can really make your products irresistible with the amazing checkout system optimized by their marketing experts that will most definitely convert prospects into paying customers.

And no matter what you sell, you will be able to configure the exact pricing structure you need.

Whether you charge one-time transactions, recurring payment subscriptions, or you offer special promotions, discount coupons, free trials and initial payments, Kartra got your back.

At the end of the day, you’re in business to transact sales, and Kartra makes it happen!

Also, you have all the flexibility you need to manage existing customers and their paying subscriptions, such as freeze subscriptions, reschedule payment dates, modify pricing, edit payment options, and much more.

Not to mention that all payments are PCI, GDPR & SCA compliant and protected behind a 256-bit encrypted protocol to guarantee privacy and security.

A few moments ago, I briefly talked about lead tagging and I just want to add hear that Kartra has a cart abandonment tagging mechanism that detects when a user fails to complete the payment process and, by applying a custom tag, it sends him or her a follow-up reminder or even an entire series of automated emails.

You would be surprised how this feature alone can add significantly to your bottom line.

If you charge monthly recurring payment subscriptions, there are decent chances you’re offering some sort of online course or training materials to your customers and if that’s the case, then Kartra Memberships will be like a salvation for you.

As everything else in Kartra, you can drag-and-drop elements to build an intuitive and hassle-free membership site interface.

You can also structure your lessons as you prefer, make your content available all at once or drip it over time, define multiple access levels (each with their own pricing and content), build a multi-membership portal, track your user’s progress and do pretty much anything that comes to your mind.

What’s cool about it is that Kartra will automatically create and email the login credentials for each of your customers upon registration, so you won’t get lost in managing hundreds of login credentials all by yourself.

You have an option to upload your video lessons as Kartra hosted videos or integrate other video hosting providers such as Vimeo or Wistia.

But I want to point out here that if you use Kartra hosted videos for your video lessons inside of your Memberships, it will eat all of your bandwidth very soon, which Kartra limits based on what package of their service you subscribe for.

So, my recommendation is to host your lesson videos inside of your membership with an outside video hosting provider where you can get unlimited bandwidth for a lot less additional charge.

However, I do recommend you use Kartra videos but only as your sales videos such as the ones inside of your funnel because of its capabilities you definitely want to put in use.

A generally known truth is that videos have higher conversion rates than plain images, so it’s definitely a good decision to market your product through a video format.

So, if you decide to go with videos, why not make the most out of it?

Besides customizing the look and feel, adding watermark branding and advanced video player controls, one of the most powerful features of Kartra videos is definitely tagging your viewers depending on how they interact with your video content.

Imagine tagging people who leave midway through the video so you can send them an email reminder to watch it again, or rewarding those who stick to the end with some cool free gift… how would these actions reflect on your conversion rates?

You can’t even imagine right?

I wanna ask you another question… you don’t start pitching your product right from the beginning of your sales video, do you?

Then, why would you have your checkout button displayed from the start?

Keep it hidden until your viewers are warmed up and ready to transact!

Or add timed opt-in forms or social media share buttons.

The truth is, nothing really triggers response like the right message at the right time.

And as always, Kartra tracks every move and knows exactly how each lead in your database has interacted with your video.

In other words, you have the data on how many people click the play button, how many of them stick to the end, how long on average do they watch your video, whether they are filling in your opt-in form, whether they are buying through your checkout buttons and much more.

Use that data to split test and to make your videos more effective.

Another particularly useful feature for service-based businesses or for promoting high-ticket offers is Kartra Calendars.

It is a simple, customizable and intuitive front-end interface where your customers can check and schedule appointments with you.

What’s cool about it is that Kartra Calendars will geo-locate your customers and convert to their local time zone.

Also, bookings are updated in real-time, which means that if a customer books a particular time slot, it will block it for all other users to prevent overlaps in the schedule.

The thing is, every business or professional is going toward the point when they preferably have many clients and scheduled appointments, so they need to keep it all tidy and well organized.

That’s why one centralized console for all their sessions will get them rid of unnecessary headaches.

And to make sure nobody misses a meeting, you as a business or professional can configure pre-session friendly reminders, and even post-session follow-ups at your preference.

The bottom line is that every single feature I mentioned here builds a great connection with customers and makes your brand look professional, which you cannot put a price tag on.

Now, whatever type of product or service you offer, you want to give your customers an option to easily get in touch with you to solve issues they might have and preferably as fast as you can, right?

That’s why having a support is a must nowadays, and Kartra, once again, got you covered.

Kartra Helpdesk makes sure no customer is left behind.

Their robust ticketing system makes things organized by departments so your specialized agents can react promptly to every inquiry.

Their helpdesk software completely replaces the need for software such as Zendesk or Freshdesk.

With Kartra Helpdesk you can pass private messages from one agent to another, transfer a ticket to another department or agent altogether, and much more.

Also, as Kartra integrates every aspect of your business, you have access to a customer’s full profile, transaction history and billing actions (such as refunds, cancellations, discount coupons, etc.), right from within the helpdesk ticket.

That way you have a complete overview of the customer’s situation and naturally you can solve their problem much faster.

You can also provide a live chat to your customers, but if you happen to be offline when a chat request pops up, the system will automatically redirect them to open a new helpdesk ticket.

That way, as I said a few moments ago, Kartra indeed makes sure no customer is left behind.

Let’s recap!

Okay, guys and girls, this blog post was all about Kartra and its features because I wanted to visualize to you how this one software can really change the way you do business.

It replaces all those email marketing, membership, page building, live support & ticketing, appointment scheduling and other software, because Kartra truly is an all-in-one solution that offers all you need to generate leads, qualify them through a converting sales funnel & advanced automation and get sales at the end.

However, Kartra does integrate seamlessly with some of the biggest names in the industry (such as different payment gateways, email & SMS gateways, membership platforms, etc.), and they are continuously working on building their list of software integrations as they grow.

But if you’re more knowledgeable at coding, you can build pretty much any custom integration you want via API, IPN or custom apps.

One more thing I want to mention here is that Kartra offers one of the best solutions for affiliates out there.

Whether you’re looking to promote Kartra yourself or build a network of affiliates spreading the good word about your offerings, lots of great deals and features are waiting for you inside, but more on that topic will be talked about later on in the course.

Actually, I could speak days about how Kartra can make your business much more profitable and more sustainable, but the best advice I can give you at this moment is to register for a free trial and try it yourself.

And you can do that by clicking here.

If you need any help or would like to contact us and say “hi”, we’re here, waiting for you! 🙂

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