How to Generate Leads Online: 4 Easy Steps to Heavy Impact

In this blog post I am going to give you a simple 4-step process that you can follow to generate leads online in your business.

This system is a system we use for our clients and for our agency as well to generate leads every single day.

So… How does it work?

All you need is to follow these 4 steps int his exact order.

1. Solve a big problem your potential clients have

This might sound strange because this doesn’t really technically have anything to do with generating leads, but it’s so important; and if you don’t do this right, it doesn’t matter how you generate leads, what channel you use or whatever you do, it’s just not going to work (or is not going to work very well).

So, you need to figure out what is that big problem that you solve for your clients and you need to put that solution to that problem in a form of a funnel, landing pages, videos and things like that educate your potential clients how they can solve this problem for themselves.

landing page to generate leads online

So, a simple framework for this to work is to have a landing page that has a title that has something to do with a big problem that you solve for potential clients.

In our case that would be “How To Get 15, 30 Or More Sales Appointments Predictably Every Month With Your Ideal Clients”.

Once they opt in to watch a free video that explains how you solve that…

video training page where you deliver video in order to generate leads online

…in that video you actually go through how they can solve that problem, you go through some alternative solutions how they can do that – and then, finally, you explain why your solution is better than those other alternative solutions. And if they want to learn more about working with you and to get access to your solution, all they need to do is click on the button below this video to schedule a call with you.

That’s a very simple high-level overview of how it would work.

But the whole funnel only works if you actually solve a genuinely big problem that potential clients have.

Now, if the problem isn’t important enough, people are just not going to care about how to solve this problem, and you’re not going to get any people convert into clients because it’s just not a real problem they would actually pay money to solve.

2. Focus on one system to generate leads online

I know this might sound obvious.

But what I see lots of people do wrong is that when they try to generate leads they try to do little bit of everything, such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, they try cold calling, cold emailing, etc.

And it usually doesn’t work very well when you spread yourself too thin and you try to do too many things all at the same time.

So, I recommend you focus on just one system, i.e. one way of generating leads consistently in your business.

If you’re starting out, or you don’t have a big budget, I always recommend using organic lead generation. This would be direct outreach on LinkedIn or in Facebook groups for example.

The point is that you’re having one-to-one conversations with people and you try to generate leads in a way that is organic – not using paid ads.

Now, this process is a little bit longer because you’re putting in manual work to get results, whereas when you do paid ads it’s kind of a shortcut – you get results much quicker – but the downside is that you need money for that.

But if you do have a budget, and you have a good idea about the problem that you solve for potential clients and you’re pretty clear on how you can actually help them, then doing paid ads is a really way to save time and generate as many leads as you can.

But again, whether it’s organic or paid methods, you need to focus on one system in the beginning, get that one system working really well before you start adding more channels and more ways to generate leads.

If you need more help with that and you want to be pointed in the right direction as to what to actually do to generate leads and which channel to use first, I recommend that you sign up for the free masterclass training that I’ve recorder because that goes through how it all works in more detail.

3. Have one system to convert leads into clients

Again, I know this might be obvious too but you’d be surprised how many people don’t have a system.

There are so many people these days that generate leads online and then once they generate them they don’t do anything with those leads to convert them into clients.

The reason why leads don’t automatically convert into clients (and it would be great if they did ) is because you need to build up trust with these leads.

People will only work with you if they trust you.

So, the big question the becomes: how do you build up trust?

I recommend that you do 3 simple things to build up trust:

  1. Create content answering your potential client’s questions
  2. Follow up with your leads through email marketing (send them content that you created previously)
  3. Have at least one video that explains how you can actually help them (and always have a CTA at the end of that video so they could get in touch with you)

4. Automate as much as you can when you generate leads online

All these steps could be very time-consuming unless you use technology to save you time.

There’s lots of different tools out there that you can use to automate different thing you might be doing in your business.

You can automate a lot of lead generation work, a lot of following up that you do through email, etc.

What I recommend that you use, or the software that we use in our agency, is Kartra.

Kartra is what we use to both generate leads online and to automate pretty much our whole business. you can read more about Kartra in this blog post.

So every time we generate leads, every time we nurture these leads, every time we convert these leads into clients, we have the whole thing automated through Kartra.

So if you want to learn a little bit more about how it actually works and how you can actually automate this whole system using Kartra and using some other tools as well, what I recommend is again sign up for the free masterclass training that I’ve recorded because it goes through how it all works in more detail.

And also by signing up for the free masterclass training you’ll see an example of how this automation works, because you will go through my funnel and you’ll be able to see how all the different emails are sent out and how are the different pages linked together and what actually happens to build up trust and convert someone from a stranger to a lead to an actual paying client.

So, go ahead, sign up for the free masterclass training and see how it works in a real-life example.


In today’s world where everything is so complicated and you have millions of options for everything that you do, especially online, generating leads actually doesn’t have to be that complicated.

There are 4 simple steps that you need to follow in order to convert someone from a stranger to a lead to a paying client:

  1. Solve a big problem your potential clients have
  2. Focus on one system to generate leads
  3. Have one system to convert leads into clients
  4. Automate as much as you can
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