$1M/Month in the First 90 Days for a Clothing Brand (9X ROAS)

Paid ads
Email marketing

The challenge we faced

  • Scale and advertise internationally
  • Develop omni-channel ad campaigns
  • Deal with ad fatigue while increasing the budget

The result we accomplished

  • Break into new markets
  • Hit the $1m/month goal (9X ROAS)
  • Increased AOV by 43%
  • Increased LTV almost 4X using email marketing (54% open rates)

The process/strategy we implemented

At the beginning of 2022, this clothing brand from Europe approached us with previously mentioned challenges. Their goal is for their brand to be known in all European countries, and later in the world.

They already had strong brand presence, beautiful videos and product images, big following and developed influencer marketing strategy.

After conducting extensive research on all the possibilities for achieving the set goals, they agreed on the following:

  1. Facebook/Instagram ads, Google Search/Display Ads, Snapchat Ads
  2. Retargeting campaigns
  3. Creating UGC ads
  4. Implementing Klaviyo for Email marketing
  5. Fixing tracking issues by collecting all the data in one dashboard
  6. Increasing budget rapidly (as long as ROAS isn’t dropping)

That was quite a bold promise from us, but we recognized a quality brand and we knew there was room for scaling.

This brand sells casual clothing and accessories so we wanted to make sure that our messaging isn’t too formal and that is tailored to their target market. Once we improved that across the entire store, they immediately saw an increase in conversions from their existing website traffic – before we even started advertising.

During initial cold testing campaign, we discovered there was a huge untapped marketplace in Germany. Their products were a perfect fit so we decided to translate ads and email campaigns and launch them in German. Since their Facebook Pixel was quite seasoned, we kept the targeting broad which made Facebook algorithm go crazy (but in a positive way).

With all of our clients, we are constantly looking at new angles and ways to increase the visibility and reach for the top of the funnel. Besides Facebook and Instagram, TikTok is currently a goldmine of opportunities for ecommerce brands like this.

But since TikTok advertising still isn’t available in most of the countries of the world, we decided to explore Snapchat. It turned out to be very lucrative advertising platform because the messaging resided perfectly with the platform users. Combining FB/IG/Snapchat/Google Search, we created a massive exposure which created a custom audience that we then retargeted across all platforms with different strategies (Google Display, FB Dynamic Ads etc.)

And we kept the best for last… By implementing our email marketing strategies we managed to get them 54% open rates on average across all email campaigns which resulted in almost quadrupling their LTV. That service alone opened a whole different universe for them.

The conclusion

There is a variety of techniques and strategies that need to be implemented in order to scale a brand to 7 figures months and beyond.

Each advertising platform has its own rules, policies and market logic that require true expert capabilities to achieve great results and deliver ROI.

Constant market research and refinements of these strategies must remain the focus of marketing efforts in order to scale to even bigger revenue figures while strengthening the brand image along the way.