The 5X Sales Academy

Follow the proven, step-by-step process to bring your ideal clients into your business by getting high-quality sales appointments in a way that is consistent, automated, profitable and scalable

Who is this training program for?

This training program is for anyone who:

  1. Needs high-quality (already pre-sold) sales appointments each month to win more clients
  2. Currently gets very few (0-10) leads and appointments each month and wants more
  3. Currently gets clients through word of mouth, referrals, networking, seminars, etc. and is looking for a better way to win clients – a way that is consistent, automated, profitable and scalable

What am I going to learn?

In The 5X Sales Academy training program you’ll learn:

  1. How to generate a steady flow of high-quality sales appointments on-demand every day, every week and every month – as often as you like
  2. How to get your ideal prospects chasing YOU, rather than you chasing them
  3. How to break from having to rely on “hope marketing”
  4. How NOT to waste your already strained time on business meetings that mostly result in no newly acquired clients
  5. How to go from 0 (or very few) sales appointments each month to 15, 30 or more without even spending a penny on paid advertising (a game-changer for most people)

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